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Nonfiction Annotation

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Author: Susan Cain
Title: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Genre: Non-Fiction, Health, mind and body, Psychological 
Publication Date: 2012
Number of Pages: 333
Geographical Setting: United States
Time Period: 20th, 21st 
Series: Not a series, but the author wrote a children's book called, Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts, for younger readers. 

Plot Summary: This book states that the western world has created an extrovert ideal and that many people think introverts are not as likely to be successful as extroverts. It describes the importance of introverts through Cain’s thorough research on the topic. Cain states that at least 1/3 of the population are introverts, so it's important to know their characteristics and be aware of the different types of personality traits. She covers topics on both extroverts and introverts, how the two can get along and interact with each other, the importance of both types and how other cultures view these personality types. Cain details the advantages and disadvantages of both introverts and extroverts and dispels the myth that one is better than the other. Cain suggests changes in work environments, schools and parenting in order to encourage introverts and allow them to use their unique personality traits to benefit themselves and others in their careers, schooling and personal life. 

Subject Headings: Introverts
Interpersonal Relations 

Appeal: If you consider yourself an introvert, I highly recommend reading this book. I’ve read this book many times, when I first read this book I came to the realization that I was highly introverted. I take solace in being alone and having my quiet time. Being social often drains me and I dislike small talk, big groups and too much noise. Reading this book is an eye opening experience because I realized that there are many other people in the world who are like me and can relate to how I feel about certain situations. Reading this book made many of my actions and feelings make sense and allowed me to feel normal in a sense.

3 Terms That Best Describe This Book: Informative, Enlightening, Relatable

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength by: Laurie Helgoe Ph.D- These books are very similar, Helgoe emphasizes the strengths of introverts and explains that introverts gain energy and power from reflection and being alone. 
The Introvert Advantage: How Quiet People Can Thrive in an Extrovert World by: Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D- This book states that it can boost introverts confidence and create strategies for thriving in an extroverted world. It is also a great book for introverts to read in order to understand themselves better and be able to cope in the extroverted world we live in. 
Introvert Doodles: An Illustrated Look at Introvert Life in an Extrovert World by: Maureen Marzi Wilson- This is a fun read to relate to if you are an introvert. It is a graphic novel that depicts what it is like to be an introvert living in an extrovert world. 

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

The Introvert by: Michael Paul Michaud- This book is considered a mystery, thriller, suspense novel. The title alone makes it a great read alike. It is about an introverted vacuum salesman that lives a quiet life alone with his dog. The story evolves and suddenly the main character is the center of a murder investigation. It is described as a “sometimes brutal, oftentimes hilarious, and absurdist account of the life of one very anti-social and unexpected anti-hero.”

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz- The main character of this book, Oscar, is described as a social introvert. He is scared of the social scenes he partakes in, but he does crave interpersonal relationships, he wants a girlfriend. He is usually found reading or writing science fiction or fantasy, but he does want deep relationships, but socializing doesn't come naturally to him. 

Where'd You Go Bernadette? By: Maria Semple- Bernadette is an introvert and agoraphobic, who runs away from her life when her family decides to take a trip to Antarctica. She doesn't want to deal with all the other people who will be going on the trip with them, so instead of socializing she decides to run away instead.

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  1. Fantastic annotation! You did a great job describing this nonfiction book. I have it at home and have yet to read it but I need to. Full points!